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HYPNOTIZE: Suitable for Pre Events:

4Hrs Camera Service (1Hr Extra with any Photography Package)

Single HD Camera & Capture Operator – One Location Start/Finish

Equipment: Tripod/Monopod, Lighting & Stabilizers

The Editing Contents:

1.HD Digital Version 2. Titles & Tracks 3. One Highlight

CRYSTALIZE: Created for Main Events:

7Hrs Camera Service (1Hr Extra with Emerald or Amethyst Package)

Two Cinematic Camera Capture  – Two-Location Start/Finish

Equipment: Tripod/Monopod, Slider, Lighting & Stabilizers.

The Editing Content

 1. Free Streaming Player 2. HD Digital Version

2. Custom Titles & Tracks 4. One Intro & One Highlight

MESMERIZE: For Creative & Joint Events

8Hrs Camera Capture Service (2Hrs Extra with Amethyst Package)

Three Cinematic Camera Capture – Three Locations Start/Finish

1Hr Creative Motion-Documentary Studio Title Capture*

Equipment: Steady-Cam, Sliders, Lighting & Stabilizers.

Multiple Lens Kit & Aerial Drone Service Included

The Editing Contents:

1. HD Mobile Viewing 2. One Intro & One Highlight

2. Custom Tracks & Footage 4. Video-Photo Montage*

3. HD DVD/Blu-Ray or Streaming Player

4. Creative Cinematic Prologue Edit